Designing a Distributed System for an Online Multiplayer Game — Architecture (Part 3)

Deployment and orchestration

We have a single deployable artifact to run game servers by containerizing the applications. But deploying, maintaining, and scaling these artifacts and services is hard work to do. The Kubernetes helps handle deployments, orchestrate running containers, and manage nodes.

Load Balancer

The game manager is scalable horizontally, which means that the k8s run multiple instances of it concurrently. Therefore, we need a load balancer to distribute the requests to the game manager pods.

Game Client

I chose Unity3D for the game client. The Unity Game Engine uses C# as the programming script.

Game Server

The game server is an authoritative server, which means that each client input is processed and validated on the server-side, then the game client checks the server validated data with its predictions.

Game Manager Service

I merged some services with the game manager for the greater good (make deployment and maintenance easy), thus it must handle a lot of work. I chose golang to develop the game manager service. The game manager app is a stateless service and could be scaled horizontally.

  • A WebSocket handler to keep a long-living connection with the client in the main menu to send events.

Event Broker

The services talk to each other using the event broker, like when two players are matched or the game server got ready. I’ve looked for an opportunity to test the KubeMQ and this situation seemed good for me to use it. I used the KubeMQ community version for this. Also, Kafka was a good option, but on this scale, I prefer not to move forward with it for this project because of RAM consumption and node resource limits to decrease the server costs.



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